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Dear Colleagues,

The Eighth International Symposium on Persimmon will be held in Yangling and Fuping, Shaanxi Province, China during October 20-25, 2024.

Under the aegis of International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), this symposium is jointly organized by Chinese Society for Horticultural Science (CSHS), Northwest A&F University (NWAFU), State Key Laboratory for Crop Stress Resistance and High-Efficiency Production (NWAFU), Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU), and supported by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shaanxi Province, the Management Committee of Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone and Fuping County People's Government, Shaanxi Province.

The theme of the symposium has been set to “International cooperation to promote global persimmon industry scale, benefits and diversification development”.

Main topics of the symposium include Global Industry Status, Genomics, Genetics and Breeding, Crop Management and Postharvest Biology and Technology.

As China's well-known “Agricultural Science City”, Yangling not only has a long history of agriculture and abundant cultural heritage, but also serves as the location for China National Field Genebank for Persimmon (Persimmon Division of China National Horticulture Germplasm Resources Center). Fuping is one of the major commercial persimmon producing areas and applying advanced technology in the processing of dried persimmon in China.

The symposium will focus on persimmon scientific research and industry issues, especially addressing the following field: recent advances in persimmon research, innovative industrial technology and products, persimmon related history and culture. This symposium provides a platform for academic communication and face-to-face idea exchanges for scientists, growers, professionals and enterprisers worldwide, bridging and promoting multilateral win-win cooperation for persimmon scientific research and industry steady development.

The Organizing Committee will recruit warmhearted volunteers for providing fine meeting service including translations for the participants. Meanwhile, assessed sponsorship from the world are welcome and could display your prominent output. The sponsors’ logo recognition and/or text introduction will be used on all symposium-related materials, including announcements, banners, web-pages etc.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Eighth International Symposium on Persimmon, we are looking forward to hosting you in Yangling and Fuping, China!



Professor Yong Yang (Northwest A&F University)

Professor Zhengrong Luo (Huazhong Agricultural University)

Associate Professor Qinglin Zhang (Huazhong Agricultural University)

Important dates
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July 25, 2024 Deadline for abstract submission
July 31, 2024 Deadline for early registration
July 31, 2024 Deadline for abstract modification
September 20, 2024 Deadline for submission of form for exhibitions
September 20, 2024 Deadline for hotel reservation
September 20, 2024 Deadline for full text manuscript submission
October 20-25, 2024 The Eighth International Symposium on Persimmon
December 20, 2024 Deadline for full text manuscript modification
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